Gain clarity, confidence and control while you're at it

Inside this booklet you'll learn:

  • The simple yet powerful techniques to help you work through any situation
  • ​Heart-centered critical thinking and how powerful a tool it can be against narcs
  • How to work through your emotions and actions on a deeper level and make them work for you instead of against you
  •  What is mission critical when healing from narcissistic abuse
  • ​And much more

"Helped me through a moment of madness"

Lisa is a great role model and listener. I didn't know about this page until she helped me through a moment of madness 😂 and to be honest she couldn't of crossed my path at a more perfect time. She is really understanding and compassionate in the job she does helping others and has helped me think differently about past experiences and relationships I've struggled to get through. I have a long way to go but I'm heading in the right direction with her. Her booklet is well written and very easy to understand and follow. I'll look forward to working with her in future in improving myself in the progression of changing into the person I want to be.
I would highly recommend Lisa as she clearly understands and knows how to make things more manageable through the way she helps break things down.
Thank you for your help so far x

Lizabeth from Minnesota
Two months out of a toxic relationship found Lisa through Facebook
Hi, I’m Lisa,
I help survivors of toxic relationships get past their past and develop healthy connections with my no nonsense approach.

I have coached women in all phases of their personal lives to accept what wasn’t working, decide what is best for them and take steps to achieve it.

I have spent 20+ years confronting mental and emotional abuse from different people in my life including parents and an alcoholic ex-husband.

I used this time to study their behaviors, understand their logic and learn how to help others overcome the toxic cycles abusers exhibit and draw us into.

I emphasize truth over harmony during my coaching sessions because my clients have had enough lies and placation in their lives.

I am the founder and moderator of a private group, Unpacking Toxic Baggage, where I invite people in to share and heal with others. 


Don't take my word for it.  Find out for yourself now.

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